Frequently Asked Questions:

Our service-oriented approach means we're always by your side, providing guidance, advice, and assistance whenever you need it. Please see our frequently asked questions below from consumers, retailers and wholesalers.

    • Why should I work with Boba Box?

      • Our experience and creative approach to the beverage market has allowed us to become the premier Bubble Tea supplier in the UK. We provide access to an extensive range of products unavailable anywhere else. Our passion for innovation is unrivalled and we have successfully supported countless new businesses as they venture into the Bubble Tea industry. 

      • New customers benefit from our vast experience and expertise, offering a bespoke service tailored to their requirements. We place emphasis on maintaining exceptional customer service and inspiring others to maximise their commercial possibilities. Boba Box is constantly investing in new R&D to bring the freshest and most exciting ingredients directly to all our clients.

    • Can we arrange a meeting with a Boba Box representative?

      • We are always excited to hear from you! Simply get in touch by using the form on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible 

    • What are your working hours?

      • Boba Box is open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Thursday. 9am to 4pm on Fridays.

    • Do you have store locations where I can browse products?

      • At present we do not own any retail stores. Our ecommerce business receives ongoing investment to ensure we provide the very best products and services online.

    • What do I need to start up?

      • Boba Box has everything you need to know to get started. As market leaders we are happy to share our experience and expertise. Just reach out.

    • What is my cost per cup for bubble tea?

      • Bubble tea can yield high-profit margins based on its low production and start-up costs. The amazing margins available with Bubble Tea are unlike any other drink on the market. For a medium-sized serving, the average sale price in the UK is between £4.00 and £5.00. The costs per drink can vary between £0.50 and £0.90.

    • How much will it cost me to start selling bubble tea using Boba Box products?

      • This will depend on the size and scale of your start-up. We are happy to advise where possible.

    • Do you provide marketing material?

      • We are able to supply basic marketing material to help get you started. Our high quality printed posters are a cost effective and quick way for you to brand your Bubble Tea shop.

    • What is Bubble Tea?

      • Bubble Tea is a unique and refreshing beverage that is revolutionising the way we drink tea. After first finding popularity in 1980s Taiwan, Bubble Tea is on its way to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Sometimes known as Boba Tea, Pearl Milk Tea or Zhēn Zhū Nǎi Chá, it is served with a thick straw so you can chew on the delicious tapioca pearls or enjoy the fun factor of our amazing popping juice balls that rest at the bottom of the cup. Bubble Tea gets its name from the blending and shaking process, allowing the floating bubbles to form at the top of the drink.  

    • Where can I find product ingredient information?

      • Read through the ‘Data Sheet’ located on each specific product page on our website to find the full details. 

        All of this information can also be found on every product label.

    • Where can I find product nutritional information?

      • Read through the ‘Data Sheet’ located on each specific product page on our website to find the full details. 

        All of this information can also be found on every product label.

    • Do your products contain any artificial flavourings?

      • Artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives can be found in some of our products.

        Our natural selection range is continuously growing and these contain natural colour alternatives.

        Read through the ‘Data Sheet’ located on each specific product page on our website to find the full details.

    • Do your products contain any allergens?

      • Every label highlights allergens in bold and the ingredients section of the specified product page also contains this information.

        One or two of the following allergens may be contained within our products: Milk, Nut flavouring, Legume, Soybean derivatives, and or Palm Oil.

    • Are Boba Box products suitable for my special dietary requirements?

      • To verify if a product has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and is either Vegetarian or Vegan Certified, simply look for the trademark symbol on the label.

        As some toppings require chewing before swallowed, some of our products are not suitable for children under 5 years old.

    • Where can I find full product information including servings, storage guidelines and expiry dates?

      • All of this information can be found on the individual product page description.

    • Do your products contain Aspartame?

      • Aspartame is not used in any of our products.

    • Are your products tested and certified according to UK/EU standards?

      • The manufacturers of all our products are International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified.

      • Every product branded with the trademark symbol have been certified by the Vegetarian Society as Vegetarian and Vegan.

        All of our ingredients meet standard EU regulations.

    • How do I use your products to make Bubble Tea?

      • Making Bubble Tea couldn’t be easier and the beauty is there is no right or wrong way to make it.

        A simple combination of shaking powder/syrupsweetenercreamer and brewed tea/ice brings together this unique and refreshing drink.

        Experimentation is at the very heart of Bubble Tea. As such, all of our products can be customised to suit the flavour and style that your customers enjoy. Try out new measurements and combinations to produce exciting new blends.

        Using milkshakes, slushies and smoothies, create a menu that is unique to your brand and business.

        We are happy to advise on how to make the most of our fantastic product range.

        Product labels display recipe suggestions to help you design unique drinks.

    • Can Bubble Tea be made hot or cold?

      • While the temperature you serve Bubble Tea is at your discretion, we do not recommend making hot Bubble Tea to prevent any scolding during the blending process, or while being consumed. Milk based teas are best served warm, or cold.

    • What kind of tea should I use for Bubble Tea?

      • Assam tea is recommended for milk teas, while Jasmine Green tea is ideal for making fruit teas though it is down to personal preference.

        We encourage experimentation wherever possible to find the perfect blend that your customers will enjoy and return for more.

    • Do I need to add tea to make Bubble Tea?

      • The use of tea is recommended when making Bubble Tea, as customers typically expect the ingredient due to the product name.

        If you find a successful alternative that your customers enjoy, then feel free to use the best combination that suits you.

    • Can I use your products for other purposes?

      • Boba Box go beyond being the UK’s premier Bubble Tea supplier. You can use our products with desserts and a wide range of other beverages and more.

    • Why can’t I find a product that used to be on your website?

      • We are constantly evolving and listening carefully to our customer’s feedback. Sometimes products become less popular and we may decide to phase these out for a while.

        The reverse is also true and we are always adding new and exciting flavours to our range for you and your customers to enjoy.

    • What happens when a product is out of stock?

      • In this instance you will notice the ‘Add to cart’ button will not be available on the product page. On the website you can request notification for when the product arrives back in stock by simply entering your email address on the product page link.

    • How do I suggest new products/flavours for research and development?

      • We listen keenly to your feedback and you can quickly get in touch via our Contact Us page, leaving full details of your suggestion.

    • Do you sell smaller sizes of products?

      • Our products are not available in smaller sizes as they are designed for commercial use only.

    • Do you have a brochure, or catalogue for your products and if so, how do I get one?

      • You will find full up-to-date information about our products on our website.

        If you would still like to receive a brochure, get in touch using our Contact Us Page and we will send a PDF brochure via email.

    • Am I a retailer or wholesaler?

      • This will depend on your individual business model. A retailer is a business, or individual, who regularly purchases goods for resale, while a wholesaler will typically buy larger quantities that are sold onto retailers. 

        Minimum order quantities apply in both cases.

    • What is the minimum order quantity?

      • For retailers, the minimum order price is £100 + VAT. 

        For wholesalers the minimum order price is £500 + VAT.

        We reserve the right to amend these at our discretion.

    • Can I place an order by phone?

      • Unfortunately, we do not take orders over the phone.

        To maintain transparency, we request that all orders are placed on the website.

        How do I amend incorrect address and personal information I have added to my order?

        • If you have not confirmed and paid for your order yet, you can amend your order and/or personal information in the ‘My Account’ section.

          If you have paid for your order, please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

          If picking has already begun on your order, additional charges will be applied to amend the address. This may also cause delivery delays. Find more information regarding this in our Terms and Conditions.

    Sales, Discounts & Promotions
      • Do you offer discounts for larger orders?

        • Sign up as a wholesaler for access to bulk order discounts. Minimum spend and case buy requirements will apply.

          Please note this account will require approval.

      • How do I use a voucher code?

        • Vouchers are automatically applied to your account and deducted off your next order. 

          Your vouchers can be viewed in your account at any time.

      • What do I do if my voucher code doesn’t work?

        • Please check the date on the voucher to ensure the date has not expired. If still unsuccessful, contact us at

      • What are your payment options?

        • We can accept payment with any of the following: Debit card, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

      • Are my payment details secure when I order from you?

        • Every payment is redirected to a secure third-party vendor who use 3D payment terminal technology.

    • Do you deliver internationally?

      • We deliver to most locations in Europe. Orders should be placed form our EU website but if you are unsure, please contact us before placing your order.

        Deliveries outside of the UK may be subject to customs clearance, import taxes and additional local charges for which the buyer is solely responsible. Please note we do not have any control over these import requirements and charges and will be unable to advise you of their amount.

        Should there be any special import or custom requirements, please ask prior to purchase.

    • Do you offer same day order processing?

      • If your order is placed before our daily cut off time of 12.00pm, it will typically be processed within 1-2 working days.

        Any orders placed after this cut off time will be processed the following working day. The processing time does not mean the delivery of the order.

        Check the relevant product page to confirm the shipping time once the order has been placed.  

    • Do you offer guaranteed Next Day delivery?

      • Couriers cannot guarantee next day delivery of your order.

    • When will my order be delivered?

      • We will aim to despatch orders delivered in mainland UK within 2-10 working days. This is reliant on confirmation of the order and receipt of payment. All tracking references can be tracked via our website.

        Couriers cannot offer you a specific time of delivery although if there is a tracking reference available, you should be able to see the status of the shipping and estimated date of delivery.

        If your order has not arrived within 3 working days of placing your order (Mainland UK), please contact us on, and be sure to let us know your order number.

        For more information visit our terms and conditions here.

    • Which courier company do you use?

      • Our deliveries are outsourced to couriers with whom we have developed long-term working relationships. 

        All deliveries will require a signature, so please make sure a member of staff is on the premises to accept delivery.

    • How can I track my delivery?

      • All orders sent by DPD can be tracked.

        Pallet orders cannot be tracked as our shipping providers do not provide live GPS updates at present.

    • Where can I find my tracking number?

      • DPD typically send an SMS and/or email. Check the order confirmation email which will contain the tracking details.

    • Why is my tracking number not showing the right information?

      • Once you order has been collected from our warehouse and scanned by the courier it will then become visible on the tracking system.

        Please allow 24 hours for your tracking number to become active once you receive a shipping confirmation email. If you still cannot see any updates, please contact us.

    • Can I make a change to my order once it has been placed?

      • We try to dispatch your order as quickly as possible so it may not be possible to change your order before dispatch. If you have missed something on your order, you can place a new order to avoid delays.

        If we are able to amend an order additional charges and delivery delays may apply.

    • My order was returned to sender, how do I arrange a redelivery?

      • For orders sent by DPD, please contact them directly here to arrange a redelivery.

        DPD will request your tracking number and postcode, so please have it to hand.

        For orders sent by pallet, please contact us directly at so we can arrange a redelivery. Additional redelivery charges will apply.

        As all our orders require signatures, please make sure a member of staff is on the premises to sign and accept delivery.

    • What should I do if I missed my delivery?

      • You must contact the relevant courier directly and arrange a redelivery or collection from your local depot.

        For orders sent by DPD, please contact them directly here to arrange a redelivery.

        For orders sent by pallet, please contact us directly at so we can arrange a redelivery. Additional redelivery charges will apply.

        To avoid missing a delivery, please make sure a member of staff is on the premises to sign and accept delivery.

    • Can I collect my order from your warehouse?

      • In accordance with health and safety guidelines, there is no option available for personal collection of orders.

        At all times the safety and security of our customers is of primary concern to Boba Box.

    • What should I do if my driver left the pallet at my premises?

      • All orders are inclusive of the pallet. The shipper bares not responsibility for the removal of any pallet and while you can directly ask the driver to do so, they hold the right to refuse your request. In this scenario, contact your local authority for information about pallet disposal.

    • What should I do if my driver did not wait for me to unload my goods?

      • Transport companies are only responsible to deliver the pallets to pavements.

        They do not accept responsibility for the removal and transportation of unloaded pallets. However, this can differ at the driver’s discretion. You can also contact your local authority for information about pallet disposal.

    • What special delivery instructions do I need to include when ordering?

      • All delivery requirements should be supplied at the point of ordering, such as:

        • Vehicle size required.

        • Height and weight restrictions that may affect delivery at the chosen location.

        • If a timed delivery is required (additional charges will apply).

        • Full opening hours for the expected day of delivery.

    • What do I do if my voucher code doesn’t work?

      • Please check the date on the voucher to ensure the date has not expired. If still unsuccessful, contact us at

    Cancellations & Returns
      • How do I cancel my order?

        • Please contact us immediately if you wish to cancel your order. 

          An additional admin fee of £5 + VAT will be due if you cancel the order before it has been processed.

          Once order processing has begun we cannot accept cancellations. You do have the option to refuse the order upon delivery, however you will not be reimbursed the admin fee or shipping costs.

      • Can I return my order?

        • We cannot accept returns for perishable items.

          For other product returns, contact us at Please state the reason why you wish to return the products.

          All eligible Items purchased online must be returned within 14 days of receipt and we will offer an exchange or refund on the basis that products are unopened and in saleable condition.

          Ensure all items are packaged securely and transported via insured registered delivery, retaining the receipt. We cannot accept liability for any goods lost or damaged in transport.

          We do not provide a free returns service and cannot refund postages costs or the original delivery charge.

          You must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number before returning any product. This can be obtained from the My Returns section of the website.

          Refunds will be paid within 14 days.

    Damaged and Missing Items
      • What should I do if product(s) are damaged from my delivery?

        • If you identify clear damage to the goods upon delivery, we request you take photographic evidence, reject the delivery and record the reason with the courier. The driver will return the damaged parcel for it to be salvaged or destroyed.

          Ensure the photographic images are clear before sending this to us along with an explanation of why the goods were rejected and upon receipt of the returned items we will issue a refund.

          If damage is discovered after the delivery, we request you take photographic evidence and report this to us immediately for further investigation. Once we have looked into your request, we will inform you if a refund can be processed.

      • What should I do if product(s) are missing from my delivery?

        • If item(s) are missing from your order, please send an email immediately to with photographic images of all the items received so we can investigate further.

      • What should I do if my order is incorrect?

        • If you have received the wrong or incomplete order, please send an email immediately to with photographic images of all the items received so we can investigate further.

      • What should I do if I am missing the poster in my order?

        • Posters are sent from our Head Office rather than our warehouse, which means they will arrive separately from your product orders. Poster deliveries occur within 3 working days.

    Website & Policies
      • How do I use the website?

        • Please visit our Site Map here for an overview of the full options available to you. 

          We have taken every effort to ensure our website is functional, informative and easy-to-use.

          If you have any additional comments or improvements you would like to suggest regarding our website, please send them to where we can review and discuss them internally.

      • How do I report a problem with the website?

        • If you notice a fault or problem with our website, send a screenshot of the issue along with a short explanation to and we will look to resolve this as soon as possible.

        • What is your privacy policy?

          • You can view our privacy policy in full here

        • What are your warranties?

          • You can view full warranty information here.

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