Our unique blend of high-quality powders are never bland, offering your customers vibrant, dynamic and flavoursome milk bubble teas every time.

Introducing our Toffee Cookie Flavoured Powder, the perfect addition to your bubble tea drinks. Crafted with a delectable blend of toffee and cookie flavours, our powder transforms your bubble tea into a sweet delight. It's easy to use and can be mixed into both hot and cold beverages for a unique, creamy taste. Ideal for bubble tea shops, cafes, or even...

Welcome to our premium selection of Bubble Tea Powders, the perfect ingredient for wholesalers and retailers across Europe looking to delight their customers with the unique taste of bubble tea.

Our range includes a variety of flavours, from classic to exotic, all designed to create the perfect powdered bubble tea. Whether you're looking for traditional tea flavours or non-dairy powdered creamer options, we have you covered.

Our powders are sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring high-quality products that adhere to EU standards. Explore our collection and elevate your bubble tea offerings today.

For more information on bubble tea preparation and benefits, check out our blog and bubble tea recipes or visit the official EU Food Standards Agency website.

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