Premium Juice Balls (15% pure juice)

Premium Popping Boba Juice Balls

Introducing the iconic popping, premium Boba Box Juice Balls – Europe's pioneering importer and supplier of these delightful, colourful, and certified tasty toppings!

As the ultimate choice for retailers and wholesalers, our Premium Juice Balls add a burst of fun to every bubble tea experience to ensure your customers return again and again.

Offer Your Customers the Best

  • Real Juice: Infused with 15% pure real juice
  • Delightful Experience: Add a burst of fun and flavour to your offerings.
  • Certified Tasty: Ensure repeat visits with premium, mouth-watering toppings.
Made with 15% natural Cherry juice, unleash an unbelievable burst of flavour Allergen-free and ideal for vegans, an unparalleled choice for a diverse customer base Made in Taiwan, showcasing an unmatched excellence thanks to meeting strict Boba Box quality standards 
Natural Kiwi Juice Balls (3.2kg tub)
  • -25%
€13.43 €17.90
A remarkable and authentic explosion of flavour, made with 15% natural Kiwi juice Versatile and allergen-free, ideal for vegans and diverse customer bases Manufactured in Taiwan, echoing stringent Boba Box quality assurance standards
Contains 15% real Lychee juice for a brilliant and unmatched flavour Vegan-friendly and allergen-free, offering an excellent appeal Originating from Taiwan, exemplifying the unwavering quality standards of Boba Box bubble Tea
Natural Peach Juice Balls  (3.2kg tub)
  • -20%
€14.32 €17.90
Featuring real Yellow Peach juice for an elite flavour experience A universal choice, offering an allergen-free delight with the vegan palate in mind Made in Taiwan, showcasing unmatched quality by following strict Boba Box Quality guidelines
Flavour is enriched with 15% natural strawberry juice for a delightful taste sensation Tailored for a diverse clientele, offering an allergen-free and vegan-friendly delight Crafted in Taiwan under meticulous Boba Box Bubble Tea quality standards
Has a remarkable burst of flavour with an infusion of 15% genuine Yellow Mango juice Universal appeal and free from allergens; a favourite among vegans and varied clientele Made in Taiwan, under stringent Boba Box Bubble Tea quality assurance
Boba Box Natural Green Apple Juice Balls (3.2kg tub)
  • -35%
An excellent combination of ingredients, including 15% natural Green Apple juice for a natural burst of flavour Crafted allergen-free with a vegan stamp of approval, perfect for a broad clientele Produced in Taiwan, following the strict quality guidelines of Boba Box for excellence
A premier choice of topping, offering an exquisite taste by utilizing real Passion Fruit juice Wide ranging appeal, enjoyable by vegans and allergy-sensitive individuals Taiwan-originated, adhering to Boba Box Bubble Tea quality benchmarks
Natural Blueberry Juice Balls (3.2kg tub)
  • -25%
Unleash an eruption of unmatched flavour with our Blueberry Juice Balls, containing 15% natural Blueberry juice  These vegan-friendly and allergen-free Juice Balls offer a universal appeal Produced in Taiwan, adhering to superior quality standards set out by Boba Box Bubble Tea
Composed with 15% natural Lemon juice content, prepare to unravel a world of vibrant taste Tailored for a wide ranging clientele, allergen-free and perfectly suitable for vegans Produced in Taiwan, under the rigorous quality protocols set by Boba Box Bubble Tea
Natural Raspberry Juice Balls (3.2kg tub)
  • -30%
Utilizing 15% genuine Dark Red Raspberry juice, a true to taste flavour explosion awaits you Universal appeal thanks to being free of allergens and vegan-friendly Produced in Taiwan, meeting the exemplary standards set by Boba Box Bubble Tea quality assurance
Chocolate Flavoured Juice Balls
  • -55%
€8.06 €17.90
Natural Coloured Chocolate Flavour juice balls, bursting with tremendous taste An ideal choice for diverse clientele, allergen-free and perfect for vegans Taiwan-manufactured, embodying the pinnacle of excellence set by Boba Box quality assurance
Coffee Flavoured Juice Balls (3.2kg tub)
  • -40%
€10.74 €17.90
Contains a delightful Coffee essence, aiming for a complete taste sensation A universal choice, free from allergens and fit for vegan customers Manufactured in Taiwan, under rigorous Boba Box quality protocols 
Champagne Grape Flavoured Juice Balls (3.2kg tub)
Containing a unique grape taste, try out our Grape Flavour Juice Balls for a tantalising taste eruption Allergen-free and perfect for vegans, catering to a broad spectrum of customers Crafted in Taiwan, echoing the strict quality ethos expected by Boba Box Bubble Tea

Why Choose Boba Box Premium Juice Balls?

Our iconic popping juice balls are not just toppings; they're an explosion of flavour and fun in every sip. Certified delicious and vibrantly colourful, they're crafted to ensure your customers' bubble tea experience is unforgettable. With our Premium Juice Balls, sourced directly from Taiwan - the birthplace of bubble tea - you're guaranteed authentic taste and quality.

Why Partner with Boba Box EU?

  • Fast Shipping & Handling: Benefit from rapid, reliable delivery across the EU, thanks to our dedicated warehouses.
  • Reliable Customer Service: Join our community of over 6,000 happy retail and wholesale customers.
  • Premium Ingredients: Offer the authentic bubble tea experience with ingredients directly imported from Taiwan.
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