Sealing Machine Ring 90ml
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Sealing Machine Ring 90mm

€17.60 €22.00
Sealing Machine Ring. This handy adapter will allow you to seal 90mm diameter cups.
Boba Box EU Fructose Machine
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Fructose Filling Machine - EU

€741.00 €780.00
Boba Box Fructose Filling Machine. A handy device for consistent and efficient fructose supply.
95mm - Automatic Sealing Machine - UK - Bubble tea Europe
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€624.00 €780.00
Automatic Sealing Machine. Seal your drinks safely, so your customers do not spill a single drop.
Boba Box Shaking Machine
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Automatic Shaking Machine - EU

€740.49 €925.61
Holding up to 2 Shakers, save your arms and get Bubble Tea to your waiting customers more efficiently with our handy Shaking Machine. 

Upgrade your retail and wholesale operations with our cutting-edge, CE certified Bubble Tea machinery – streamlining your beverage-making process for maximum efficiency!

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